About us

West Coast of Wales

You can see the sea from the roasters where a 20 minute stroll will get you down to our local beach (Tresaith).  Living near the coast is something that none of us would really like to change. West Wales is truly a wonderful place to live full of character and inspiration for your daily life. This is no doubt the reason we started roasting coffee, being able to produce a product that brings the senses alive.

Our coffee

Our aim is to make our coffee enjoyable for all, we only source Arabicas, which require longer growing times and more specific climates. We’ve found that a medium to light roast brings out qualities that produce a cup that you can enjoy every day, each coffee is slightly different and we roast each one individually taking into account it’s process and the characteristics of its location.


We’ve been established for over 10 years and done our best to keep things moving in a positive direction. Over the last year I have been working really hard to improve our products while moving closer to production methods that are good for the environment.

All our roasting is done using electricity and we now source all our electricity from a 100% traceable renewable energy supplier using a mix of wind, hydro and solar. It might not seem like much but I’m not aware of many roasters that have made this move as they are all stuck using fossil fuels.

Read our full sustainability & social policy here

Our coffee is imported in ways that support organisations that are designed to help improve the lives of those involved at the farm level  such as Coffee Kids, Food 4 Farmers and International Women’s Coffee Alliance.


Great Taste, Golden Fork Winners.

2023 Quarter finalists in the Roast Masters 2023 Amsterdam.

2023 Welsh Food and Drinks Finalist for Sustainable Values.

We are a great taste producer, we've won for the last 5 years.  In 2022 we were in the top 36 highest scoring products and nominated for a Golden Fork (Results Sept 5th), also achieving a 3 star win for our Indonesian Sumatran Fairtrade Organic.

Previously in 2021 a win was also achieved for Most Sustainable Coffee Roasters from the Welsh Enterprise awards.