Sustainability Policy

Like many others we have won awards for our coffee, but we feel great coffee is just not enough.

At current we are developing a strong sustainability policy that we believe is essential, here are some bullet points of where we are currently.

  • No fossil fuels are used in our roast process, others use gas and claim to be renewable through carbon offset schemes.
  • Renewable electric energy through a traceability scheme.
  • Currently working with a community project to compost our main waste sources from roasting.
  • Recyclable bags, or willing to work with your reusable containers.
  • We pay above the UK based living wage to all employees.
  • A range of Welsh Organic and Fairtrade certified products and other social projects, not just taking our word for it.
  • Monitoring our carbon foot print and taking action.
  • Maintaining where possible instead of replacing equipment.

Where we are going

  • We are working on a project with our coffee roaster manufacture and Vortx clean air systems to be the first in Europe to use their air cleaning system with our electric fluid bed roasters to reduce emissions to a minimum. We have recieved our Vortx air cleaners and are currently planning installation.
  • In discussions for recyclable paper-based bags made in the UK, at current most compostable bags are not dealt with correctly causing further pollution, or what the long-term damage synthetic bio products cause, we haven't been happy with what the manufactures or recycling facilities.
  • Working with more producers that use recognised schemes.
  • Goal to work to towards B-Corp accreditation.
  • Look for further ways to improve.