We specialise in Electric Coffee Roasters.

Rubasse, Electric Near Infrared Coffee Roaster Bay Coffee has been using electric coffee roasters for over 8 years, our first one we built ourselves then moved over to using fluid bed roasters.  As we started roasting more speciality coffee our requirements of the capabilities of a coffee roaster became more extensive and critical.  This is where our relationship with Rubasse started, they manufacture an electric coffee roaster that uses Near Infared as a heat source.

The most efficient way for specialty coffee roasting

Rubasse patented near-infrared heating has high heating efficiency and low energy consumption, and due to its unique penetrating characteristics, greatly reduces the possibility of underdeveloped coffee beans, allowing coffee roasters to pursue the coffee aroma with peace of mind.  Rubasse profile replication system not only references bean temperature, but also automatically controls exhaust fan and rotation speed, making the roasting environment more stable and the roasting replication more precise.  The digital roasting mechanism not only simplifies the roasting operation process, but also allows profiling system to directly control the charge, discharge, and cooling of the beans. The mechanism works seamlessly with the profile replication system, further improving the precision and reproducibility of automated roasting.  With just a touch, Rubasse takes care of everything for you.

Direct radiation heating - The secret to roasting spectacular coffee

Near infrared (NIR) radiation is the type of radiant heat that all Rubasse roasters use.  Coffee beans absorb this type of heat source more efficiently, it is an ultra-responsive and rapid way of roasting.  Previous types of electric coffee roasters have been known to be unresponsive, but the Rubasse reacts fast. By placing the NIR heating element at the centre of the drum and designing the roasting drum and airflow accordingly, there is tremendous improvement in the transfer of energy, which increases efficiency during coffee roasting and out performs traditional gas roasters.
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