We are commited to introducing new coffee with a positive impact, one social project we are currently interested in is the NKG Bloom project.

Our Zongolica coffee is part of this project which helps small farmers develop their farms, the farms are very small and often run by a family. An example of how this program has helped is Angela, she was producing a crop that would give her an income of approximately £360 from a harvest. She received assistance and training which she says she valued the most, with her new trees planted and now producing, her more recent crops have produced her an income of approximately £2500. For her family this is life changing. The program focuses on financial assistance and the knowledge to make a change.

Participating farmers are smallholders and farmer organizations largely comprised of producers with fewer than 75 acres. They commit to work in collaboration with the bloom team to run their farms as businesses and to improve upon prioritized social and environmental practices.

Support - Permanent Farmer Services to help provide farmers with access to financing, providing knowlege on how they can run their farms at their full potential and maximize their income.

sustainability - The bloom teams engage farmers who are struggling to meet sustainability standards — even with the prickliest topics — so that every earnest effort and improvement is encouraged.

Traceability - Mobile software will link each NKG Bloom coffee to the work being done on the ground in support of it, the farm or farm group that produced it, and the green buyer who purchases it — and enable verifiable monitoring and evaluation.