Create a post you think is punchy.

So far I've had my best result with

Issues I've had highlighted with this one, the Coffee Beans < the most important bit doesn't stand out enough.

Possibly should of gone white on black which would make it stand out more.

The price point must be right, I don't make much money on this coffee, but at the moment it get's our name out which I'm happy with and keeps me busy :-)

Now carry out the following.

The expensive route.

When you think you are ready - Boost your post

I've found my best results by setting my budget at a minimum of $20 dollars a day. This may very depending on the industry your in as from what I can tell you are in a bidding war against other advertises.  

You may get results below that, but this should make you realise you need to set aside some cash to get going.

Fortunately you can pay with your credit card.

I found I had to try several advert variations till I found my groove, what I thought was cool at first really turned out to be a flop.

Tune your add

First be aware that after you have launched your add, you can't change many settings without pausing it.  So don't rush go through all the options and make sure your satisfied.

I would suggest turning off 

Automatic placements (recommended)  << Hey look they recommend it.

Thats because its designed to burn through your money.

What they don't tell you is it also puts your adverts on instagram and other 3rd party frenemies.

Personally I'm using facebook advertising to advertise on facebook.  I set up other specific campaigns for other platforms.

I feel it gives me more control and I know exactly where my money is going.

Tune your audience

This  is the area I think you should possibly spend most of your time, do you really want your ads going to all the kids? I go for a target age group that I think will be interested in buying my product.

I go through the interests and include related ones, I even think about demographic on whose most likely to spend money on my product, I experiment with demo graphics on different ads. Watch your sales data.

Also you can exclude groups of people too, I think thats really neat even device types.

Things that I have found critical to not burning your cash.

Pause your campaign at night and restart it at what you think is a good time, you may have to leave it running for a while to figure out good times. But I have defiantly started to notice some trends when people are happy to spend money.

Adjust your spend level if you want a boost but be prepared to cut back on it, or hit pause.

I'm not sure how long spending adjust rents take to kick in there defiantly not instant.

The cheap route

Join lots of groups, as your self and your page.
Don't spam, nobody likes a spammer!
Be helpful, actually be a part of the group.
Post at the right time, is it in response to somebody has says.
Remember groups are a more personal space and you area really likely to get bad PR if you start being an idiot.
I like to think I'm helpful and have something to contribute, instead of just expecting to take all the time.
Finally I don't think its cool to say you're giving to charity to promote your products, just do it! Go give them some money they deserve it and feel that internal satisfaction you have done a good thing.